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Real Estate Litigation

The Hernandez Legal Group has extensive experience in representing parties to enforce real estate purchase and sale contracts, property disputes between multiple owners of real estate, issues with respect to the title and true ownership of property, lease disputes, disputes among neighboring property owners, and the enforcement of mortgages. A few specific real estate causes of action in which we have experience include:

Specific Performance

Specific performance allows, among other things, a party to compel the purchase or sale of a property under certain circumstances. This is called specific performance and there are specific requirements that must be established in order to win a specific performance lawsuit.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are at the center of most real estate transactions. Typical real estate breach of contract lawsuits include a breach of a purchase and sale agreement, a breach of lease, or breach of a partnership agreement relating to the ownership of real property.


Co-owners of real property often resolve their disputes by initiating partition actions. A partition lawsuit seeks a court order compelling the sale of the property, an accounting of the proceeds, and a division of the proceeds based on ownership interests. A partition lawsuit may also seek to divide property if possible among the co-owners.

Neighbor Lawsuits

Attorneys who handle neighbor-on-neighbor lawsuits need to have the legal knowledge to advise you of what you are entitled to and how you can achieve it. Neighbor lawsuits usually involve boundary and encroachment disputes, trees, views, easements, fences and, most importantly, emotional issues.

Real Estate Fraud

Fraud can include a misrepresentation about real property, tenants, rent rolls or other issues. It can also include concealment of a material fact. A common real estate fraud lawsuit is one for non-disclosure in the sale of a property.