The Hernandez Legal Group is a law firm committed to providing efficient and effective legal representation to its clients.  Our legal team has extensive experience in Residential and Commercial Property Insurance Claims and Personal Injury matters.  After years of experience in civil litigation, founder and president, Frank Hernandez, Jr., Esq., established The Hernandez Legal Group in April 2014.  The Hernandez Legal Group focuses its efforts on providing legal representation to a majority of its clients on a contingency basis—charging only if the client prevails.  By charging on contingency in the majority of our legal matters, The Hernandez Legal Group ensures that people have equal access to our judicial system and have an opportunity to hold others accountable for their actions (without the added concern of paying excessive legal fees.)

Each client is important to us, and we value every client relationship.  Rest assured, you will feel a level of comfort with the attorneys and staff at The Hernandez Legal Group that is not experienced at other law firms.

Our attorneys work tirelessly to maintain active communication with our clients. We look forward to hearing from you!  Call today to become part of our family!